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Hi! I'm Renee.

I'm a lifelong book person and trained librarian. My favorite books to read are the kind with magic, adventure, and romance, so those are what I set out to write. I fiddle away on my laptop in Texas, where I live with my husband and a basset hound named Winifred.

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A Powerful Prohibition

Powerful Prohibition-2.png

Circumstances tore them apart. A murder will bring them back together...

Socialite Cecily Dearborn, a natural magic user with the ability to manipulate electricity, comes from a world where that magic is forbidden. Studying abroad was supposed to help her master - and suppress - her power, but when her efforts fail, she is forced home in disgrace.


Self-proclaimed street rat Daniel Sullivan, Cecily’s estranged childhood friend and now an operative working to protect magical practitioners, is tasked with monitoring her activities upon her return. But when she’s framed for murder, Daniel is compelled to drop the mission and take Cecily on the run. Together, they flee to his team’s base of operations, a magical speakeasy known as a "charm school," where they begin to unravel the truth of the crime and discover a web of dangerous secrets.


As Cecily learns more about her magic and herself, she and Daniel grow closer, but the race is on to clear her name before disaster strikes again. Will their new connection be enough to see them through?

2023 SRP Book Awards Finalist

Content warnings are available here.

Sherwood & Jarvis

Sherwood and Jarvis(1800 × 2700 px)(3).jpg

He expected magic. What he got was murder.  


Following a disastrous stint in Her Majesty’s army, Dr. Wilfred “Wilf” Jarvis finds himself jaded and directionless. Hoping for a fresh start, and perhaps a bit of the storybook magic he’d yearned for as a boy, he accepts a diplomatic posting among the Fair Folk of the Seelie Court. When he arrives, however, he is drawn into a web of political machinations and bitter grievances that prove just as disappointing as his other pursuits - until the body of a British soldier is discovered in Folk territory.


Before he realizes exactly what’s happened, he’s enlisted by Honoria Sherwood, a brilliant half-Folk, half-human polymath, in a worryingly high-stakes murder investigation. With tensions mounting between the Folk and the British Empire, the two must track down the killer or lose their only chance to see true justice done.


Includes the story "A Fool For You", cowritten by Renee Edwards and Nicole Herron

Sail the seas with your new husband, who keeps unfathomable secrets.


Face a cursed creature who haunts the asylum where you've been committed. Fall for the demon who's possessed your insipid fiancé. 

Be saved by Death and Fate on the streets of medieval Tallinn...

Find love beneath the earth, amid the roots, or in a starlit castle.

Venture to all corners of the globe, where authors have strewn lovers in eerie, eldritch places.

And never fear.

I promise it’ll end happily for those who dare.


Books? Movies? TV shows? I have opinions. Come check them out!



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